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Important News Updates

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Meeting Lake Regional Park is pleased to announce the installation of a new system for the truck fill at out Water Treatment Plant.

As you are aware, the MLRP has invested in a new water treatment plant at a significant cost to the park. Therefore, starting May 1, 2024, we will removing the coin operated dispensing system and will be replacing it with a more modern and convenient system.

This new system will require each household using the park truck fill to purchase an annual pass.

As we continue to work with the communities around the lake to deliver water directly, we must be able to manage the availability of water and this new technology is designed to do just that.

We invite those people wishing to continue taking advantage of the park’s water fill, to contact the park directly and we will provide you with a personal code so you may continue to enjoy some of the cleanest water in the province!

The annual cost for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be $660.00 per year and will allow you access up to 1200 gallons per month year round.

A simple application form can be sent to you via email or you will be able to pick one up from the front gate once the season officially opens.

We trust that users will understand that providing clean and safe water comes with a high price, and as the park is funded solely by users, there is no choice but to recoup our investment.

Looking forward to another fantastic lake season and we hope you all enjoy the park as much as possible this summer.