Instructions for Online Reservations

If you are having trouble with the website it could be that your personal computer firewalls and security settings are set high so it will not allow the website to process or move forward with the booking. Please lower the security settings while making a booking then change it back to high once completed. Also, those computers that are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 9 or lower may have trouble with the website as these systems do not update and may not be capable to handle the website. Please update your computer to Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

If you are booking for One Week or Longer, you can start making reservations on the website on February 1, 2016 at 10:00 am. If you are booking for less than one week you can start making reservations on the website April 15, 2016 at 12:00 am.

Once you start a reservation, you have 10 minutes to complete the reservation or the site will time out.After finishing step one the dates and site will be on hold until you can complete the process.

For group bookings open up several tabs finishing step one to reserve sites while booking; preventing others from reserving those sites you wish to book.

You need to have the following information for your booking:

  • Dates you want to stay.
  • Unit details/ Type info/ Ad ons (if applicable), / Pet info (if applicable), etc.
  • Ex: motorhome, RV, trailer, van, camper, tent, etc.
  • Width / length of your unit and number of slideouts, etc.
  • Contact information and credit card information.

Click on Book Your Campsite

“Book Now”


Pick Your Site

  • First Page with the interactive map (Insert Campground Map Below) – the map shows you all the sites and information about the sites.
  • In the drop down menu you will choose your type of site (ex: 15 amp or 30 amp, etc), then you will choose your Start Date (date you are arriving) and your End Date (date you are departing)
    • In dd/mm/year format.
  • The sites will be filtered by the type, your start date and end date, so then you will choose your site number from the available sites.
    • The picture below (map) may not show the full map (depending on the size), you may have to scroll down to bottom of the page to Click Next at bottom of the page.

NOTE: If you are having trouble finding an available site, there may not be any availability. Try leaving the site type as all, then enter the start and end dates; the map and list will show you all available sites for that time frame.


Additional Information

  • In the drop down menus you will choose the type of unit (ex: motorhome, 5th wheel, etc.), you will enter the length of your trailer, the width of your trailer and the number of slide outs you have on the trailer, etc (if applicable).
    • Depending on the type of site you may be able to enter more than one unit per site as well.
  • In step two you can also enter the pet’s information and any add ons you wish to add; such as the type of animal, season passes, wood, etc.
    • Then you will click next on the bottom of the page once that is completed.


Guest Information 

  • The first time you make reservations you will have to enter all your contact information.
  • Every other time you can login with your user name (email address) and password.
  • Click Next at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: You will receive an error message if you try to create a new Guest with an email that already exists in the system (no need to leave the booking, just open it in a new tab to reset the password). If you forgot your password, hit the link “Forgot Your Password?” and it will redirect you to enter your email address.


Payment Information

  • This is where you will enter your payment information and billing information.
  • If your billing information is the same as your Guest information mark the box next to “Same as Guest” and all your information should appear under Billing Information.
  • Enter your Payment Information including Credit Card Type (MC, Visa), Credit Card Number, Security Code (last 3 digits on the back of the card) and the Name on the Credit Card.
  • Then you Read and Accept the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cancellation & Refund Policies and Park Rules by checking the Box.
    • Then click Book.
  • It will process and give you confirmation of your booking as well as send you an email confirmation and receipt.
    • Please check your junk folder if you do not receive this email in your Inbox.

NOTE: Billing and payment information must match.

  • Ex: Province or Country may need to be spelt by full name vs. abbreviation.
  • Postal code can be no longer than 6 characters with NO spaces allowed (Ex: S0K3A0).


  • While booking a site, there is a 10 minute time limit while entering information as the site and dates are held for these 10 minutes while you are booking it.
  • You will pay for the site in full at the time of the booking.
  • If there are any problems/mistakes while in the booking process look for RED to indicate where the mistakes are, or what is missing.
    • If you have any major issues while booking please email at
  • To change your password, hover on your name in the upper right hand side of the page and then click on change password to edit your information/change password.
  • If a site will not allow reservations, could be for multiple reasons.
    • The site could be already booked, not rented for the length of time you are requesting, not available for online bookings or not available for reservation.


If you want to change your confirmed reservation, such as date of arrival, date of departure or change sites, there is a ($20 fee to make any change (change length of time, site number, etc.), and possibly other fees depending on when you make these changes, please see the Refund Policies for more information.

Please follow the instructions below.

  • Log In with your User Name and Password.
  • The page will display all your confirmed reservations, find the reservation you want to make changes to and click on the Pencil Icon to the right of the particular reservation.
  • The Editing process takes you through the booking process again, so you can change the arrival or departure date with the drop down menus, or the site number with the drop down menu (all on the first page), then click on the Next button at bottom of page. This will take you to the trailer unit details if you want to change this information you can do so or you can click on the Next button at bottom of page.
  • The final page will give you the details of the changes you made. It will give you the refund/payment details. You will choose a method of payment for the refund/payment, accept Terms & Conditions, then click on the Save Button to confirm your changes. This will process the refund/payment and confirm your changes.

NOTE: At anytime during the editing process you can click on the Cancel button to stop making changes. This will take you back to your home page of your confirmed reservations.


If you want to cancel your confirmed reservation completely, there is an automatic(Insert $$ Amount) and possibly other fees depending on when you are making the changes, please see the Refund Polices for more information.

  • Log In using your User Name and Password
  • This page will display all your confirmed reservations, please find the one you would like to cancel and click on the X icon to the right of the reservation you want to cancel.
  • This will take you directly to the final page, give you details of the refund amounts, you need to choose a payment method for the refund, accept Terms & Conditions and then click on Cancel Booking. This will process the refund and cancel your reservation completely.

NOTE: At anytime during this process, you decide you do not want to cancel your reservation, please click on the Cancel button at bottom of page and it will take you back to the page of your confirmed reservations.